Bine ați venit


  • In 1932 ELECTRECORD instituted the phonograph industry in Romania and ever since, it covered all the technological development’s stages. Since near 70 years, ELECTRECORD is the leader record company in Romania.


  • ELECTRECORD is member of I.F.P.I. (International Federation of Phonographic Industry) and F.I.D.O.F. (International Federation of Festival Organizations)
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  • ELECTRECORD is a constant presence to annual edititions of MIDEM (Marche International du Disque et de l’Edition Musicale).


  • During such a long existence, ELECTRECORD accumulated rich archive of recordings including several tens of thousands titles of all the musical genres, from traditional, gypsy, folk, classical, religious genre and pop, rock to jazz music.


  • The classical music includes the most important works of the Romanian creation, works representative for the Romanian repertoire but also the most important ones of the universal music, in famous interpretations.


  • The Romanian folklore is widely represented by numerous instrumental and vocal pieces from the different country’s zones.


  • The most renowned stars of the pop music as well as numerous rock groups are completing the entertainment’s area, addressed especially to the young public.


  • You may have heard of our great names of composers: George Enescu, Ciprian Porumbescu, well-known performer Maria Tanase, famous virtuosi (Dumitru Farcas at taragot, Toni Iordache at cymbalom and many others), or of the renowned “Madrigal” Choir. Or why don’t we talk about the sensual voices of our plenty gypsy singers, released on CDs such as “GIPSY WEDDING”, “GIPSY CAMP”, “Caffee & Rrom”.


  • ELECTRECORD has its own studios with modern and technical facilities for producing, by its own means, all that it is needed. Our highly professional and experienced team guarantees that all our recordings are of an international best quality.